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Customer Testimonials

Alok Sarangi

I recently bought a bike from CredR, and it was a fantastic experience. All employees were supportive & well-mannered people.

Kirtesh Patil

My experience purchasing from CredR was outstanding and smooth throughout the process, primarily due to the exceptional support and sales executive.

Priyanshu Agrawal

Very nice experience in CredR Bellandur Showroom. The buying process was smooth, and the paperwork was handled efficiently. I'm delighted with my new bike and highly recommend CredR to my friends & family.


The process of buying new bikes online is simple and convenient. First, browse through our website, offering a wide selection of new bikes. Choose your desired model and review its specifications and features. Once you've decided, submit the additional information as requested. One of your agents will call you to help purchase your new bike.
The exchange applicant can buy new/Used two-wheelers from the Categories of Bike and Scooter. Cross-category exchange is available on CredR.
Submit your vehicle information along with contact details. After providing the necessary information, you will receive a call or confirmation from our representative.
You will typically need your identification, motorcycle registration papers, and relevant ownership documents. Additionally, bring any service records and maintenance history, as it may influence the value of your old motorcycle.
The value of your old motorcycle is determined based on factors such as its age, mileage, overall condition & market demand. You can expect a fair market value based on these factors.
No, it is not mandatory. You can exchange your old motorcycle for any company and buy a new one from any other company.

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