Find the best deals on the used Hero bikes available at the CredR website. The price of a Used Hero bike starts from Rs. 25,000 onwards. The brand Hero offers around 14 models of Hero bikes in India, highly user-friendly budget bikes. Hero Splendor Plus, Hero HF Deluxe, Hero Passion Pro, Hero Glamour, Hero XPulse 200, Hero Xtreme 160R, Hero maestro Edge 125, Hero Splendor iSmart, Hero Destini 125, Hero Xtreme 200s, Hero XPulse 200T, Hero Maestro Edge 110. Hero Xtreme 200R, Hero Xtreme 160S, Hero Maestro Electric, and Hero 450 ADV are the upcoming range of Hero Bikes.

The pre-owned collection of Hero bikes are wide-ranged, with swift performance, good fuel efficiency and a stylish overall outlook. The brand Hero spent years developing, manufacturing and designing industry updated bike models that suit consumers' tastes and preferences. Check out the top collection of used bikes/ Used Hero bikes at CredR based on specifications, colour, price, and features. You can sell your hero bike to CredR or Exchange bikes or buy used bikes from CredR with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

CredR has around 1000+ second hand Hero bikes for enthusiastic customers like you. The range of used bikes is in exceptionally good condition as our experienced auto experts take a detailed look at it.
The starting price of the used Hero Bikes is ranging from Rs. 30,000 onwards in good condition with all the mechanical specifications checked and approved by our experienced auto experts. Driven by the passion these Hero bikes focus on the unlimited expansion of the customer base with effective mileage.
It is a great idea to invest in 2nd Hand Hero Bikes. CredR appreciates the fact to buy a second hand Hero bike of your choice for daily commuting instead of investing a huge amount on a new bike. We take care of all the parameters to make the buying and selling of Used bikes most effective for you. A used Hero bike is useful for the following reasons;
  • Reliability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Availability
  • Low insurance value
  • Low depreciation rate
CredR makes sure that the history of the vehicle is clear and transparent to the new buyer.
Buying second hand Hero Bikes is extremely effective in the long run. Certain parameters are better to be checked on time. These factors include;
  • Check on mileage
  • Check on maintenance
  • Check the comfort
  • Check on the documentations
  • Go for a test drive
  • Observe the time it is taking to start an engine. Try it 4-5 times for clarity.
  • Check on the noise level
  • Check on color, rust, model, and year of buy
CredR makes sure that you buy a premium quality used hero bike for meeting your purpose and riding for years.
Of course, you will be surprised to see the EMI plan offered by CredR. On the payment front, it helps a buyer to easily get a preferable budget Hero Bike at a much lower expense at one go. CredR does not stop here, you’ll get all sorts of assistance related to post buy service, and legal paperwork done with ease.

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