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Yamaha motorcycles is a joint brand in India which is a Japan based company. Beginning it’s operation around 1985 as a combined venture, Yamaha became a complete subsidiary in 2001. Yamaha motorcycles have a wide range of popularity for its initial two stroke bikes all around the world. Yamaha has been a popular bike brand since its homecoming to the motorcycle racing world making it widely popular around the globe. Yamaha has manufacturing plants in states like Uttar pradesh, Haryana and TamilNadu in India. A prominent motorcycle brand in Japan and India, Yamaha has been a global supplier of motorcycles in countries of North America, Europe and Asia. Yamaha’s efficient scooter models include Yamaha Fascino and Yamaha Ray. Also Yamaha is known for regular bike models and superbike models which includes Yamaha Y2F R1, Yamaha MT-09, Yamaha FZ 25 and Yamaha MT-15.

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